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Standing Up to the Fear of Falling
(The Denver Post)

Love lessons: You'll never guess where these Coloradans learned them
(The Denver Post)

McClinon Recipient of Bernard Gipson Sr. Health Leadership Award

Rudy McClinnon Jr Uses CPR to Revive Heart Attack Victim
Fitness Trainer Save Life. Rudy McClinon Jr. Uses CPR to Revive Heart Attack Victim (Denver Urban Spectrum, May 2010 - Pg 14)

Award Recipient - The Mile High Run 100
Community Partner With Denver Mile High United Way
Community Partner With
Denver Mile High
United Way

"It has been a blessing to have a trainer like Rudy. His personal touch and sincere style makes the workout grind more comfortable. He is very knowledgeable, approachable, caring and funny!"

Earnest C. Reese Jr.,
Rising Star Baptist Church - Tighten Up Program

"Rudy is down to earth and very patient. Motivates you to move beyond your own personal goals. Very caring!"

Robin H
Kaiser Permanente

"...I've always considered myself to be in pretty good shape but found out my body and soul needed a little tweaking once we started our weekly workout routines together. You were professional, understanding and in tune to where I needed the most work. You listened and heard what I was trying to achieve and we accomplished that with the results I experienced. In addition to getting toned and cut here and there I always left feeling energized and refreshed mentally as well as physically. With the amount of dancing and moving I do on stage it is important to look good, feel good and to maintain the energy force I need through the night. Thanks for being there and I look forward to restarting our workout regiment again soon!"

Ron Ivory (Entertainer)

"I am a 51 year old recent beneficiary of total hip replacement and had many concerns and mental anguish surrounding the level of Physical activity I would be able to resume after the surgery.  Rudy provided such an excellent rehabilitation program that within 6 months after surgery I am jogging 3 miles per day and feel better both mentally and  physically than I've felt in twenty years!

Kirk E. Hagan, CPA

"Kudos to Rudy! After working with him for a very short time, I have regained the use of my arm, which, just hung at my side after a break and improved my endurance level tremendously!  That is saying a lot 78 years of age."

Mary Lou Esralew

"My results with Rudy have certainly impressed me! I've worked with a number of different people over a lot of years and didn't feel like I made much progress; with Rudy I have more energy, I feel better, my clothes fit looser and best of all he works out with me. We encourage each other and as a result we go that extra mile..."

D.T. Gaeth

"Rudy and I were college roommates back in the day at Xavier University. I always admired his athletic abilities and that competitive spirit. After all these years that spirit has become his passion helping other people be the best that they can be. Keep up the good work Rudy we all need your help."

Al Banks
Los Angeles, CA

"Rudy is an incredibly patient and motivating trainer! He builds on your strengths and allows you to grow from wherever you're starting out. I would recommend Rudy to anyone looking to get in shape with a great guy!"

Julie White

"There can be a healthy and fit life after "75"---Rudy is showing me the way!"

M. Kramer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rudy as a personal trainer for almost one year - following hip surgery.  Rudy started with where I was and then created a program to help me become a more physically fit person than I was before the accident.  Rudy worked with what I could do to help me reach my goal of exercising without limits.  His patience and his ability to create a workable plan is exceptional.  Thanks Rudy."

Chris Ross

 “Rudy, you have been a blessing to our youth at NCCC E-cademy Learning Center and to our staff.  We thank you for taking the time to give our student the exercise that is need.  God is blessing you so continue to keep him first in your life.  You have taught me that exercise has to be a part of my life to live healthy.  Carolyn Woods , New Covenant Christian Church. God Bless."


I started classes with Rudy 6 months before my wedding.  I am very pleased with the results I got.  My wedding dress fit perfectly and I had more energy and felt so much better.  I find I not only lost about 10 lbs., but have toned up my problem areas.  Also I have limitations regarding my neck and shoulder areas and Rudy has shown me how to work with those limitations and still see great results.  Rudy is an awsome trainer and gets you motivated no matter what your physical abilities

Susan Moore

"Rudy has encouraged and inspired me to keep going and reach new heights in my fitness career.  I know that he has a heart of wanting to help people achieve their goals and motivating other fitness professionals. Thank you, Rudy."

Kim Farmer

"Rudy has been the fitness trainer of my lunchtime class for almost two years and he is the best. He is motivating, keeps the sessions interesting with a variety of routines.  I have lost 10 pounds and have toned all over and plan to keep losing inches and a few more pounds.  I enjoy the class so much and Rudy makes working out a fun experience!"

Jane Schmidt
Lowry Redevelopment Authority 

"Rudy is a great instructor.  He is very patient and will allow students to work at their own pace.  It is a great class."

Lowry Redevelopment Authority

"When our baby arrived, Rudy designed a core strength routine for me that kept my back strong—and both of us moving! I appreciate his positive attitude and customized approach to his clients' needs."

Hilarie Portell
Director, Public Relations and Marketing,
Lowry Redevelopment Authority

"Rudy is a unique, one-of-a-kind trainer. He has a wide range of experiences in the fitness arena and can work with people (either individually or in groups) of ALL physical capability and level of athletic ability. Rudy genuinely wants to help each person reach their own healthy potential." 

Deana Blackwood, age 65

"I have been working with Rudy for almost 2 years in a group class that includes Pilates, aerobics, light weight workouts and the exercise ball. During that time I have seen an increase in flexibility, stamina and toning. In fact I was hiking in the mountains during the summer of 2005 and was not out of breath and did not have the quivery legs as I have in the past. We have fun in Rudy's class and reap the benefits of a fitter, healthier body too!" 

J. Lindholm, age 59

"Rudy was recommended to me by a mutual friend. After seeing her results and being interested in  having the same, I decided to pay for a 12 week private session. Rudy worked me and each session, he  pushed me further and further." 

Carmen Scott

"My name is Karen and I'm 49 years old. I work for Qwest Communications and I'm involved in various projects and events throughout the community.  Because of a continuous busy schedule; I exert a lot of energy throughout the week. Fitness has always been a priority in my life but as I approach 50; I'm realizing the importance of good health, nutrition, exercise and rest.  Rudy has helped me to realize the importance of working towards optimum health and well-being by making these areas a priority in life. He is a true testament to healthy living and chose to apply the knowledge he has gained.  As a result he has enhanced his life and has chose to enhance the life of others.  Rudy is a God-send."

Karen Louis, age 49

"Rudy was my trainer for six months. During this time, he helped me focus on my mental state and discipline needed too develop the proper technique in lifting weights all the while subjecting me to his constant humor and wit which made working out with him fun. Although I work out on my own now, I still maintain the discipline and focus to lifting properly he instilled in me."

C. Kinchelow

"Rudy is a knowledgeable  professional  fitness trainer who enjoys helping others to achieve their goals and live a healthier life style by teaching low impact exercise routines, strength training, cardiovascular, and much more. Rudy works out with his clients to give them that extra confidence. I would highly recommend Rudy as a fitness trainer."

Maryland Thompson-Taylor

"Rudy has been instrumental in five sisters working out toward a healthier life.  We laugh, we learn, we talk and of course we work out hard.  Rudy is a natural in this field. In fact our goal is to have our other sister and one brother to get into the groove with us in the near future.  Working out is becoming part of our natural routine and that is what it is all about.  Rudy has helped us to succeed on this journey to a healthier life."


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